01 April 2014

Impossible Gen 2.0 Color 600 Film Test Batch - SX70 Sonar - Isola

On Sunday I had the chance to work with Isola, a model from the Columbus area who was nice enough to make the drive up to Cleveland for a shoot. We ended up with some wonderful images and I was able to shoot a bunch of different instant film types, including these photos that I shot on the new Generation 2.0 Color 600 film from Impossible. 

This limited edition 600 film is still considered an experimental film with limited release for testing (mostly to Impossible Pioneer members), but, is meant to have a increased sharpness, stability and a faster image emergence. These photos were all unshielded out of camera and left to develop upside down. Initial image emergence was definitely much faster than the previous version of this film (probably within 5-10 mins) while final development fell around 25-30 mins. The faster Image emergence was, in my opinion, very helpful in at least determining proper exposure for continued shooting. 

Color from this test batch appears stable and similar to previous versions -I should note these were actually shot on a green backdrop, so that is not an odd color shift that you are seeing but a true representation with a little over exposure - but, there was a slight, noticeable color shift to the film after an extended (24 hour) period of time.

Overall, I think this film is pretty nice and a good step in the right direction. I'm glad to see that Impossible is continuing to improve upon their formulas and release new batches of film. It'll be exciting to see how the final production run of this film compares when it is released to the masses later in 2014. 

More images from this batch coming soon. Enjoy. 

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