31 August 2009

The Bride and The Bike

So I haven't updated in quite some time. There really hasn't been a lot of time recently for random photography and updates, because I've been working quite a bit on shooting with a few different models over the past couple weeks and it's taken up a majority of my time... both in shooting them and the time spent retouching all of the images from the shoots.

This image here is one from my most recent shoot with Monika. She let me know ahead of time that she had a vintage wedding dress that she wanted to shoot in, but other photographers weren't really giving her the image she had in mind. So, I concepted a little bit darker of an image for a wedding dress using an alley by my apartment, and at the last minute decided to throw in my motorcycle as well.

Alas, here's the final image.

Photograph Info:
Location: Tremont, Ohio
Camera: Canon 5DMII
Lens: 24-70mm
PostProcess: Portrait Retouch