31 January 2013

Kodak BW400CN - Yashica D - Huntington Reservation

This is one of those views, one of those tree's, that everyone from the area seems to know. Sitting along the water of Huntington Beach in Bay Village just outside of Cleveland this tree begs to be photographed. During the summer it is full and lively, giving the horizon a completely different feel than this winter image that is more barren and cold. If you look closely in the back right you can actually see the city.

Photographed with my Yashica D TLR and some Kodak BW400CN, this photo is just one of the images from a roll that I shot for Week 3 of the Coalesce52 project. To read more about my Week 3 and see some more of my top images take the jump over to Coalesce52 - Week 3.


29 January 2013

Kodak TMax100 - Canon Canonet QL17 - Winter

As I mentioned yesterday, the new Coalesce52 project blog is up and running now with work from the first couple weeks of the year. As I continue to shoot and post images through that site, I would like to point out that I will be making every effort to keep up with this blog as well - not only with photos from my 52 week project (though I'm sure you'll see many) but also with my usual menagerie of instant films and the occasional digital image.

I will say though that one of the perks of this new project, despite it's time consumption and demand for constantly finding new subjects, is that it does offer me a much broader selection of images to share through this blog. Already, in just 4 weeks, I've shot three different cameras and four different film types - a trend that I hope continues throughout the project allowing me stretch into even more film types I may not be as familiar with.

All of the images that I'm sharing here today were taken with Kodak TMax 100 using my Canon Canonet QL17 Rangefinder for Week 1 of the Coalesce52 project. This is the second roll of film that I have run thought this camera (you can see the first here) and I am again quite happy with the results.  

The TMax 100 that I shot these images with was a 36 exposure roll and I ended up with quite a few images that I liked. The high exposure count of some of the 35mm films that I'll be shooting this year will be really helpful when it comes to populating content across multiple sites. I also wanted to point out that these particular images were all shot right around dusk with very little daylight left in the sky. Despite this being a 100 ISO film it handled the low lighting conditions quite well - though I'm sure the Canonet's f/1.7 lens didn't hurt with that either.

Hope you enjoy todays images and of course if you'd like to see more from this roll please check out the Coalesce52 Week 1 post here.

28 January 2013

New Year Long Project - Coalesce52

Week 1 Camera and Film

You might recall that a few weeks back I mentioned starting a new, year-long film project. Well, I am now four weeks underway with that project and wanted to share a few of the details with all of you in case you are interested in following along. 

Week 2 Camera and Film

Coalesce52 is, in a nutshell, a 52 week project that I've begun with a couple of my other creative friends. Every week through the remainder of the year I will be shooting a minimum of one roll a film per week in an effort to shoot more film throughout the year. My friends Scott Meivogel and Anthony Zart will also be undertaking the year long project with me - Scott shooting a roll of film per week the same as me and Anthony creating an original written word piece and illustration ever week. Early next year you can catch some of our favorite pieces of work (likely the top image from each roll of film) in a gallery show at Aperture. Meanwhile, however, you can visit our project blog to keep up with some of the images that will not be seen at that show.

Week 3 Camera and Film

I was going to share a few images from the first couple of weeks here on the blog, but, I'd think I'd prefer that everyone jump over to Coalesce52 instead to see not only my first two weeks posts, but, also check out some of the early works from Scott and Anthony.

Week 4 Camera and Film

Once again, in case you want all the info, here it is in short form:

Web: Coalesce52
Twitter: @coalesce52
Email: coalasce52@gmail.com

Thanks everyone for your continued support in my blog and I hope that many of you carry over to follow this other excited project throughout the year as well.


14 January 2013

Impossible Project PX680 Color Protection - Megan

This past weekend I had the pleasure of working with a new model. Megan was here at just the right time to benefit from a beautifully unseasonal warm January day. Temps hit around 60-65 and the warm weather let us get outside for a few different looks. Seen here are images from Edgewater Beach and one of the bridges in the flats. All images were shot on Impossible Projects PX 680 Color Protection using an SX70 sonar. Film was unshielded out of camera and left to develop in my pocket through the remainder of the shoot.

It's probably also worth noting, since it's definitely not evident in the photos, that this was actually Megan's first shoot. Megan was brought to my attention by another local model, agent, promoter and general entrepreneur Cali Miles (who, as luck would have it, also did the hair and makeup for this shoot). If you are from the area and in need of a model, MUA, stylist or someone to help out with promotions be sure to check out her website.

Enjoy the photos.

10 January 2013

Expired Kodak Gold 800 - Canon Canonet QL17 - Cancun Mexico

When I was packing for Cancun I had a difficult time narrowing down what cameras I would take with me. My SX-70 Sonar was a no brainer as I pretty much use it exclusively for my Impossible Project films. I wanted to take a medium format camera to shoot some 120 slide film, and, decided pretty quickly on my Mamiya 645 as I've been shooting it more often lately. When it came time to pick a 35 mm camera thought I was a bit stumped on whether to take my usual kit - a Canon FTb with a 55mm f/1.2 - or something much smaller, lighter and much less valuable - the Canon Canonet QL17 Rangefinder that I've never even run a roll of film through.

In the end I decided to go with the Canon rangefinder for it's portability, and, in all honesty because if something tragic happened to it I wouldn't be heart broken over it (which would not be the case when it comes to the Canon FTb kit). Upon getting my film back from the lab this week and taking a couple days to scan it all I was really surprised with the quality of the images that I got and pretty happy with the decision I ended up making. I'd even go so far as to say after shooting with this camera (which has a great feel in your hands) and seeing these photos that this camera moves up my list as one of my favorite cameras to shoot with.

As I mentioned, the Canon Canonet is a 35mm rangefinder that is relatively inexpensive (unless you can find the more rare solid black model) and easy to use. There is, of course, a full auto mode on this camera that essentially turns the camera into a type of shutter priority mode that only allows the shutter to fire when the exposure falls safely in the camera's range of f/1.7 to f/16. The only issue with this automatic setting is finding the proper battery to get your light meter to work. Originally this camera used an old mercury battery (1.3v) which you can no longer buy. There are, however, plenty of resources out there for replacement batteries for this type of camera. The one I ended up with was the PX625A - a slightly higher 1.5v Alkaline battery. While I couldn't tell you exactly how far off the light meter is from using a higher rated battery, I'd guess to most it's negligible. 

As far as today's photos... they were actually all taken on a roll of expired Kodak Gold 800. This was, by far, the cheapest film that I had with me on this trip and, surprisingly, ended up producing some of my favorite photos. There's a fair amount of grain in some of these darker photos, but, I think this film actually rendered out some beautiful, soft colors that are sometimes reminiscent of a painting. 

This would also probably be a good time to give a little plug to the lab who developed all of my film from this trip - Old School Photo Lab in Dover NH. I went with Old School for a couple of reasons - they are friends and a great asset to the film community, and, I had some slide film in the batch that I wanted processed from a reputable source. Needless to say, Old School did a great job with this film and have with any film I've ever sent their way. If you are not familiar - I highly recommend them for all of your film processing needs.

I think that about wraps up everything I wanted to say in today's (lengthy) post. As always... I hope you found some of this information helpful, educational or even slightly entertaining. If not, then I hope you at least looked through these photos and found one or two that you like as much as I do. There will be more photos coming soon and if you've read this far... thanks, and I hope you've enjoyed. 

09 January 2013

Expired Polaroid ID Ultraviolet Film - Polaroid Land 250 - Van Roy Coffee

As I've mentioned once or twice before I have an affinity for old signage. This particular sign, found heading into downtown Cleveland on Detroit Ave., is one that I've wanted to shoot for a while and never got around to. So, this past weekend while finishing up a roll of film I snapped this shot with my Polaroid 250 using the expired Polaroid ID-UV film that I already had loaded in it. This is still my first pack of this film (thought I now have quite a bit) and I was really surprised this time out how much color I was able to get from it. My first attempt (seen here) were really monotone and led me to believe that this film would probably be consistent with my results of using expired Polaroid 108.

As an aside, I just received 4 rolls of film back from the lab this week. All of the photos are from my trip to Cancun, so, you'll likely start to see some of my favorites over the next couple days to weeks. It's probably also a good time to note that I have started a year long film project, shooting 1 roll a week, with Scott Meivogel from Aperture and should soon be able to start sharing those photos as well as some details of the project. You can likely look forward to a new joint blog associated with the project and eventually a show to display some of the best work coming out of the project. I'll provide more details on that project in the upcoming weeks, but, I will say that at times I expect to be stretched thin trying to come up with interesting people, places and things to take photos of... So, if you have ideas, access to great places, people, or things, please don't hesitate to get a hold of me.

02 January 2013

Expired Polaroid ID Ultraviolet Film - Polaroid Land 250 - First Photo of 2013

Now that the holidays are over, lets get back to the photos. Today, I have my very first image of 2013 which I captured on the first day of the year. Really, I couldn't think of a nicer way to spend New Years Day than I did - driving through the beautiful, snowy Cleveland metro parks with a car full of cameras, film and good company. This photo is really the only instant photo that I took along the way (I'm sure you'll see some TMax from my Canon down the road), but, if it's any indication as to how the rest of photos will look throughout this year... I'll take it. 

For those interested in the details - this photo was taken with my Polaroid 250 using some original Polaroid ID Ultraviolet film that expired in 2008. Similar to Polaroid 669 this is a Polacolor peel-a-part pack film with an ISO of 80, but, was originally used for making identification badges and therefore has an ultraviolet coating that essentially "watermarks" the photo with the word Polaroid. This of course isn't really a problem as you can only see the UV coating when you hold the photo at an angle under direct light.

I should point out that I was lucky enough to get quite a bit of this film for Christmas this year, so, you will likely be seeing more and more photos with this film type throughout the year. My younger brother happened upon a box of this in a store room at work and was able to get me a few packs... somewhere around 120 shots worth. 

Check back soon for some more and until then... Happy New Year and thanks for continuing to read though my blog.