28 February 2014

Expired Polaroid Type 57 - Graflex Crown Graphic - Hillary

Following up yesterday's Impossible Color Film for SX70 photos of Hillary, I thought I'd share one of the large format instant photo's that I took during the same shoot. This was shot with my Graflex Crown Graphic on some expired Polaroid Type 57. Enjoy. 

27 February 2014

Impossible Color Film For SX70 - Hillary

For the first time in a long while, I finally got to shoot some film from Impossible. Now that my year long, roll a week project has come to a close, I've been hoping to get back to shooting a little more instant film. This past weekend, during a shoot with Hillary, I pulled out a new pack of Impossible's Color Film for SX-70. This is definitely my first time shooting with the newest formula, and while I didn't get an over abundance of color from the film, I did get very nice exposures. It's nice that this film has come such a long way and I no longer have to worry about shielding images out of camera, keeping them within a very small temperature rage, etc.

The final image of this set, at the bottom of the page, was also shot with the Mint Lens Set (found here)  - using the close up attachment. Mint was kind enough to send me a sample set months ago, and amidst my other project I never really got the chance to test it much. I look forward to working with these lenses more soon, and possibly providing some small review about them. For now, enjoy. 

05 February 2014

Expired Polaroid 664 Film - Polaroid 250 - Cheyenne 2

As a quick follow-up to yesterday's post, I thought I'd share the other two images of Cheyenne that I took with my Polaroid 250 on expired Polaroid 664 film with available light. Enjoy. 

04 February 2014

Expired Polaroid 664 Film - Polaroid 250 - Cheyenne Portraits

After a long 52 weeks, my year-long Roll-A-Week project (seen at Coalesce52) is finally over. It was a great, and sometimes tiring, experience that I'm glad I undertook. I'm equally excited, though, to return some of my attentions to this blog. My hope is to return to a more regular posting schedule here again this year and be able to share a wide selection of film and instant film along the way. I also have a few new goals for the year which hopefully provide me with some great new content to post. Until then though, on to today's photos...

These images, shot with my Polaroid 250 and some expired Polaroid 664, were taken a short while ago while working with a great new Cleveland area model, Cheyenne. I've been interested in getting back to lighting and shooting some simple portrait work in the studio and decided to my own simple crown of flowers for our shoot together. Of course, I shot a bunch of digital and some Kodak Tri-X as well, but today I thought I would share these instant images on their own. Enjoy.