30 April 2013

Impossible Project PX70 Color Protection Formula - Food Photography

This past weekend as part of my Roll-A-Week project I came into the studio to work on some tabletop food photography set-ups. I've always been a fan of simple, well-lit food photography and have lately been reading a few different blog posts that highlight some easy available/window light setups and so I thought I'd take an afternoon pretending to be a food photographer. 

Still life and composition is something that I've always explored when shooting instant film, and since it's been so long since I've shot with any of the Impossible Project's films in any serious way it seemed natural to bring along my SX-70 Sonar to shoot each of my setups  alongside my roll of film. The images that I have here today were all taken with the SX-70 and Impossible's PX70 Color Protection Formula instant film. Each was left unshielded out of camera and developed face down in a relatively comfortable temperature (somewhere around 68 degrees fahrenheit). Enjoy.

26 April 2013

Expired Polaroid ID Ultraviolet Film - Pointe

Last night I had the opportunity to head over to Arlene Cassara Dance Studio to shoot a couple rolls of film for the Coalesce52 project. Cassie, a model I have shown here before, was nice enough to help me get access to the studio's ballet and pointe classes and is the owner of the dancing feet you see above. While I was there mainly to shoot my roll of film for Week 17 (I actually shot 3), I was able to get this quick instant photo between classes as well. Shot with a Polaroid Land 250 this photo was taken on expired Polaroid ID UV film. If you are a fan of dance photography or dance in general be sure to keep an eye on the Coalesce52 blog in the coming weeks for the rest of the shots from last night. 

22 April 2013

Impossible Project PX680 American Woods - Spring Daffodil

Today I have a really quick post of an image that I took late last week when the weather was particularly warm out. This photo (actually taken at the same time as this photo) was taken with a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar using Impossible Projects PX680 American Woods film, which is probably one of my favorites special editions that they've come out with to date. I've already gone through one of my three packs (with mediocre results at best... that being my fault) but look forward to using the other two soon as the weather continues to get warmer. Enjoy.

19 April 2013

Expired Polaroid Type 57 - Graflex Crown Graphic - Asparagus

In keeping with the theme from my most recent post, I decided last night to take another food related photo. Again, this photo was taken with expired Polaroid Type 57 using a Graflex Crown Graphic. This film, far past it's better days, is quite difficult to properly meter and expose. Usually, it takes me two shots to get something I'm happy with... one initial exposure based off my meter reading, and a second exposure to adjust whatever went awry with the first. Considering that this is rare, hard to find film, I'm happy to say that I'm getting a little better at compensating my initial readings and that I got this photo on my first shot. Taken outside with available light, I metered this photo at f/8 - 1/250th and took a final exposure of about f/9 - 1/100th. 

17 April 2013

Expired Polaroid Type 57 - Graflex Crown Graphic - Avocado

Admittedly, I've not been working on this blog nearly as much as I used to or as much as I'd like to be. The year long Roll-A-Week project that I'm currently doing (Coalesce52) has taken up a lot of my free time in terms of shooting, scanning, editing, and posting. Aside from that, I'm amidst a 30 day Paleo food plan (no sugar, no grain/gluten, no legumes, no dairy, no alcohol) which requires me to be in the kitchen quite a bit. Last night, thinking of how long it's been since I've posted here, I decided to take something that I've been working with a lot in the kitchen and photograph it in a simple, still life kind of way. 

Without further ado, here's the Avocado. Photograph taken on expired Polaroid Type 57 with a Graflex Crown Graphic using available window light (about f/4.7 at 1/10th).

03 April 2013

Ilford HP5 Plus - Canon Canonet QL17 - Toronto

Toronto's CN Tower

Last week over on the Coalesce52 blog I posted some of my Fuji Astia 100 images from Toronto's Chinatown. While I was in Toronto I also shot a roll of 35mm Ilford HP5 Plus using my Canon Canonet QL17 GIII, which is what you see here. I must say, the more I shoot Ilford's films in any format the more I enjoy them. Take a look at some of my favorite images from this roll and then be sure to check out my Chinatown images over on the Roll-A-Week blog. Enjoy!

View from the CN Tower
Downtown Toronto

Lakeshore Blvd

Little Boxes on the Hillside