03 July 2014

Expired Polaroid Chocolate - Polaroid 250 - Ivy 01

Monday night I had a quick shoot with Ivy, another model with Taxi Model Management here in Cleveland. We didn't plan much in the way of styling and ended up just kind of winging it last moment. Along the way, I ended up shooting some Polaroid Chocolate in addition to my digital work. Chocolate is definitely one of my favorite instant films ever created, and as it's starting to age well past it's prime I decided that I should start using some of my stock before it's completely turned. I'll post a few more soon, but in the meantime... enjoy. 

26 June 2014

Expired Polaroid Softtone - Polaroid Spectra - Ashley 01

Today I have a few expired Polaroid Softtone images that I took this past weekend with Ashley Krantz. Ashley's a model that I have been working with for quite a few  years now and she was nice enough to bring along some awesome wardrobe to this shoot from Lenni The Label. In these four photos, Ashely is sporting some lacey bell bottoms from Lenni. More images with more Lenni coming soon. Enjoy.


06 June 2014

Expired Polaroid ID Ultraviolet Film - Polaroid 250 - Suzy 2

So, three days ago when I said check  back tomorrow for more images with Suzy... what I really meant was check back in three days. It's better to round out your Friday with some polaroids anyways. Here's two more shots on expired Polaroid ID UV film. Taken with the Polaroid 250. Enjoy.

03 June 2014

Expired Polaroid ID Ultraviolet Film - Polaroid 250 - Suzy

This past weekend I had the pleasure of working with Suzy, a local Cleveland model represented by the Docherty agency. She was a great model to work with, with a great attitude who delivered tons of great photos. Besides all of the great digital work, we also ended up with some great instant images including these two shot on expired Polaroid ID UV film using a Polaroid 250. Enjoy, and check back tomorrow for two more instant images with Suzy.

23 May 2014

Impossible Gen 2.0 Color 600 Film Test Batch - SX70 Sonar - Polaroid Week 3

Rounding out Polaroid Week, here are three quick snaps from last night. Impossible's Gen 2.0 Color 600 test film, shot in and SX70 Sonar with an ND pack filter. Unshielded out of camera and left upright to watch them develop. The photo at top was taken with the Mint for SX70 Macro Lens. Enjoy.

22 May 2014

Expired Polaroid Type 57 - Graflex Crown Graphic - Self

As something a little different for today's Polaroid Week post, I thought I'd take and share a self-portrait... though I should say semi-self-portrait as I had to have my wife come out and man the release cable for me. I would definitely have to say the self-portrait is definitely not my strong suit. Shot with a Graflex Crown Graphic and some expired Polaroid Type 57.

21 May 2014

Impossible Gen 2.0 Color 600 Film Test Batch - SX70 Sonar - Polaroid Week 2

Two more images to share for Polaroid Week. These are, again, Impossible's Gen 2.0 Color 600 test film, shot in and SX70 Sonar with an ND pack filter. Unshielded out of camera and left to develop upside down. Enjoy.

20 May 2014

Impossible Gen 2.0 Color 600 Film Test Batch - SX70 Sonar - Polaroid Week

Since it's Polaroid week 2014, I decided to try and take a few photos last night so that I would have something to share. Here's a few images that I took using my second pack of Impossible's Gen 2.0 Color 600 test film in a Polaroid SX70 Sonar with ND pack filter. My lovely wife was kind enough to stand in for a few minutes and model for these couple shots. More images (hopefully) coming later this week. Stay tuned. 

22 April 2014

Expired Polaroid ID Ultraviolet Film - Polaroid 250 - Isola

Quick post today to share some more instant images that I took a few weeks back with Isola. Some expired Polaroid ID UV Film shot with a Polaroid 250. Enjoy.

03 April 2014

Impossible Gen 2.0 Color 600 Film Test Batch - SX70 Sonar - Isola 2

As a quick follow up to Tuesday's post on the new Impossible Gen 2.0 Color 600 test film - here are two more images that I shot that same day with Isola. Shot with an SX-70 Sonar and ND pack filter, available light, unshielded out of camera and processed upside down. Enjoy. 

01 April 2014

Impossible Gen 2.0 Color 600 Film Test Batch - SX70 Sonar - Isola

On Sunday I had the chance to work with Isola, a model from the Columbus area who was nice enough to make the drive up to Cleveland for a shoot. We ended up with some wonderful images and I was able to shoot a bunch of different instant film types, including these photos that I shot on the new Generation 2.0 Color 600 film from Impossible. 

This limited edition 600 film is still considered an experimental film with limited release for testing (mostly to Impossible Pioneer members), but, is meant to have a increased sharpness, stability and a faster image emergence. These photos were all unshielded out of camera and left to develop upside down. Initial image emergence was definitely much faster than the previous version of this film (probably within 5-10 mins) while final development fell around 25-30 mins. The faster Image emergence was, in my opinion, very helpful in at least determining proper exposure for continued shooting. 

Color from this test batch appears stable and similar to previous versions -I should note these were actually shot on a green backdrop, so that is not an odd color shift that you are seeing but a true representation with a little over exposure - but, there was a slight, noticeable color shift to the film after an extended (24 hour) period of time.

Overall, I think this film is pretty nice and a good step in the right direction. I'm glad to see that Impossible is continuing to improve upon their formulas and release new batches of film. It'll be exciting to see how the final production run of this film compares when it is released to the masses later in 2014. 

More images from this batch coming soon. Enjoy. 

27 March 2014

Impossible Project PX600 Black Frame - Mint Close Up Lens - Photography Still Life 2

Following up my post from Monday, here are a few more shots using the Mint Close-Up Lens in tandem with a pack of Impossible Projects PX600 Black Frame film. No real theme this time, just a few things from around the house. Enjoy. 

24 March 2014

Impossible Project PX600 Black Frame - Photography Still Life

Yesterday afternoon I decided to get out my SX70 Sonar and an older pack of Impossible's PX600 Black Frame that I had sitting in the fridge so that I could play around a little more with the Close-up Lens from the  Mint Lens Set for SX70. I shot an entire pack, but for today I will just be sharing these three photos that are kind of related in content. I have to say, the close-up lens really does open up some new shoot opportunities and I'm really enjoying that particular lens attachment for still life. More images coming soon... Enjoy. 

19 March 2014

Expired Polaroid ID Ultraviolet Film - Polaroid 250 - Marblehead Lighthouse

On Monday, my wife and I headed out of town and up to Marblehead (just outside of Sandusky) to avoid the insanity of Cleveland St. Paddy's day and to celebrate my birthday on the down low. Here's one of the only instant photos that I took that day - the Marblehead lighthouse on expired Polaroid ID UV film with a Polaroid 250. Enjoy. 

18 March 2014

Impossible Color Film For SX70 - Still Life

A couple weeks back, I shared a photo that I shot with a model using Impossible's new Color Film for SX70 (seen here) - And today, I thought I'd share some still life set ups from the remainder of that pack of film that I took this weekend. With these photos, I really wanted to see what kind of color I could eek out of this newest formula since I haven't shot with it much. I was really pleased with some of the results that I got. 

I should also point out that all of these images were shot using the new Mint Lens Set for SX70 - a neat little attachment that allows you to use different lenses/filters on your SX70. The full set consists of the lens holder, the Full-Frame Fisheye lens, Yellow Filter K2, Blue Filter 80B, a Neutral Density filter and the Close-Up Lens. While I haven't played with all of the different filters yet, I am very much enjoying the Close-up Lens (which is what I used on all three of these images). It's really opened up a new world of possibilities by allowing me to fill the frame in situations that I never would have been able to before (unless of course I purchased the old, harder to find, more expensive SX70 accessory kit and close up lens attachment). Over my next few packs of film, I hope to get the chance to work with a few of the other filters as well and post a little more about the Mint Lens Set and some of the things that I like and don't like about it. Stay tuned. 

03 March 2014

Fuji FP-3000 B45 - Graflex Crown Graphic - Hillary

Last week I shared two different posts (here & here) of different instant photos that I shot with Hillary. The first was some of the new Impossible Color Film for SX70 and the second some expired Polaroid Type 57 large format film. Today I have my last instant photo from this session to share, one of my favorite films that I will miss greatly when I run out - Fuji FP-3000 B45. Enjoy. 

28 February 2014

Expired Polaroid Type 57 - Graflex Crown Graphic - Hillary

Following up yesterday's Impossible Color Film for SX70 photos of Hillary, I thought I'd share one of the large format instant photo's that I took during the same shoot. This was shot with my Graflex Crown Graphic on some expired Polaroid Type 57. Enjoy. 

27 February 2014

Impossible Color Film For SX70 - Hillary

For the first time in a long while, I finally got to shoot some film from Impossible. Now that my year long, roll a week project has come to a close, I've been hoping to get back to shooting a little more instant film. This past weekend, during a shoot with Hillary, I pulled out a new pack of Impossible's Color Film for SX-70. This is definitely my first time shooting with the newest formula, and while I didn't get an over abundance of color from the film, I did get very nice exposures. It's nice that this film has come such a long way and I no longer have to worry about shielding images out of camera, keeping them within a very small temperature rage, etc.

The final image of this set, at the bottom of the page, was also shot with the Mint Lens Set (found here)  - using the close up attachment. Mint was kind enough to send me a sample set months ago, and amidst my other project I never really got the chance to test it much. I look forward to working with these lenses more soon, and possibly providing some small review about them. For now, enjoy. 

05 February 2014

Expired Polaroid 664 Film - Polaroid 250 - Cheyenne 2

As a quick follow-up to yesterday's post, I thought I'd share the other two images of Cheyenne that I took with my Polaroid 250 on expired Polaroid 664 film with available light. Enjoy.