24 September 2009

Artichoke Diptych

Well, I've had this idea for quite some time... I even scheduled a shoot for it, but because of a cancellation by the make up artist at the time it's just never happened. Since Sarah and I haven't shot together in a while, we decided to shoot something this past weekend, so I figured I'd give this a shot after all.

Sarah did the make up without knowing what my concept was...I just said, I want green and yellow, I'll be back shortly. I went and got equipment and the artichokes as well as some jewelry wire in order to make this neck piece. Between her and I it only took about half an hour to forty five minutes to make. It's basically single leaves wired together and then tiered on a ribbon to tie around the neck.

This really isn't my usual style, but I wanted to give this whole concept a shot. I've considered doing more, with different food types, to make an entire series. I'm just not sure yet, there is quite a bit of work behind this shot and the amount of retouching that goes into it. I've spent about two nights retouching skin and removing imperfections to single leaves of the artichoke...


Photograph Info:
Location: Cleveland Ohio
Camera: Canon 5DMII
Lens: 24-70 mm
PostProcess: Tons.

21 September 2009


As an update to my most recent post, here are some images from the same shoot shot on my Holga. These are on 400 speed  120 BW film. I've just been toying around with this camera and shooting some film on it with some of my recent photo shoots and kind of like the results.

*Also, as an add on to this post and amendment to the previous post... while the concept and photo is mine, the make up and styling for this shoot was done by Sarah... which pretty much makes it.


Photograph Info:
Location: Tremont, Cleveland Ohio
Camera: Holga 120
Lens: Plastic (@ MidDistance Focal Setting)
PostProcess: Curves adjustment