28 July 2011

Impossible Project Newsletter - PX70 Push

If you get the chance, pop on over to the Impossible Project's site to check out their most recent newsletter and a great offer on the last batch of PX70 PUSH! for your SX70. You might just notice while you're there that the top image in the newsletter is my very own PX70 PUSH! image from Sara's Diner at the Gateway to Presque Isle in Erie, PA.

PX70 is definitely one of my favorite films from Impossible, and, a big part of what got me started in the world of instant photography. I'm very excited to have one of my images featured on their Newsletter. Thank you Impossible! Keep the great products coming.

View the full newsletter here.

27 July 2011

My 100th Post - Your Chance to Win

Today marks my 100th post to this blog. What started out as a rarely updated, read by few, personal project in May of 2009 has really grown in the past year with my re-exploration of analog and instant photography. When I began this blog, it was more of a personal outlet for my photography with hopes attached of making it big. While that hasn't happened there has been a lot of growth with my work, myself and my blog. Because none of that would be possible without you as a reader, I've decided to fall in line with millions of other blogs and run a giveaway with my 100th post. Here's how it's gonna work:

I will be giving away one free print (12in x 12in) to a randomly selected winner. The winner will have their choice of print from the three selections below:

To Enter

1. For one entry, you must follow my Twitter page @StudioTim and then tweet the following - I just entered @studiotim's giveaway contest for a chance to win a free print! http://bit.ly/nbiQ9j #giveaway

2. For a second entry, you become an official follower of this blog using your Google, Twitter, Yahoo or OpenID and leave me a comment on this post letting me know you are now following (follow can be found at the top righthand side of this page)

3. I use Random.org to pull a winner from all entrants, contact them to find out which of the three prints they want, and then mail them their print of choice (which, if for some reason, they want signed... I will sign)

This contest will run from today, July 27, through Wenesday, August 10th at 12 noon EST., and is open to contestants internationally. Winner will be selected August 10th and announced here on this blog shortly after.

Thank you to everyone who has been a fan of this blog, shared it with friends and followed along. Good luck!

** As a matter of housekeeping, I would also like to point out that I have recently added the functionality to share posts from this blog via multiple social networking sites - You can find those buttons below - Share away! **

25 July 2011

Impossible Project PX600 BlackFrame PP - Rick Ross and Taking Back Sunday

Sometimes my job takes me to interesting places, and other times it lets me meet interesting people. For quite some time now the studio I work for, Uppercut Motion + Sound, has been doing a series of videos with Microsoft Zune and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As different musical artists are passing through town on their tours they stop by the Rock Hall and do a quick interview and walk through which we film and edit.

Just recently I started shooting a quick polaroid of the artist/s right before the interview begins, and then right before we wrap I have them quickly sign it. This past week I snapped two such photos, above of Rick Ross and below of Taking Back Sunday. They definitely aren't the best photos I've ever taken, but I think the memorabilia factor still makes them interesting.

I don't think I'll be taking these photos with everyone that rolls through from now on, but, I do hope to get a couple more before it's all said and done.

Photograph Info:
Location: Cleveland Ohio - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Camera: Polaroid SX70 Sonar
Film: Impossible Project PX600 SS Black Frame PoorPod

22 July 2011

Fuji FP-3000B - Some suitcases, a bike, and you should come my show...

The more I shoot with Fuji's FP-3000B the more I like it. The tonal range and contrast to the film is really nice, and, the fact that I can leave it sit or carry it around with me without peeling it until I am home is even nicer. Of course, if I'm not on the move, the ability to peel the film after a quick 60 seconds is also great, because lets face it, I'm impatient when it comes to seeing how a photo turned out. There's really just a great flexibility to this film, I need very little light to get a good shot, and there's always something fun about shooting with my Polaroid 250 (mostly the looks and questions that I get from people while I'm using it)

These two photos are from polaroid week. After the polaroid walk, while everyone was sitting in Aperture getting their shots scanned for the Aperture blog post, I pulled out my 250 and shot these photos with the last two sheets of film left in my camera. I really like the way the suitcases came out and the fact I was able to get such a good exposure with the little daylight that was left streaming through the window.

I guess this would also be a good time to mention... If you like these photos, or any of my photos, I will be having a small show Aug. 12th at Aperture in Cleveland, Ohio and these prints (along with many more that you've seen on this blog) will be available for purchase. More info in the show poster below... Of course, in the off chance you would like a print but live no where near Cleveland, you can always Email Me as well and we can try to work something out.

18 July 2011

Impossible Project PX 70 Color Shade - Polaroid Walk Follow Up

During a post from last week, I talked about Aperture's first ever Polaroid Walk in honor of Polaroid Week as well as my first experiences with the Impossible Project's PX70 Color Shade. I thought I would do a little follow up to share a few more of the photos from that days walk. 

The first, seen above, is a photo of an arcade bowling game at Prosperity Social Club. Being indoors without a tripod, this image was shot perched atop a bar stool and had an exposure of around 2-3 seconds. I always find that I get really nice colors with long exposures (or, if nothing else, warmer, contrasty colors). Another long exposure from that night (below) was shot in near darkness with just about a 14 second exposure. I shot this little piano with my SX70 propped up on a wallet and tabletop while inside the Literary Cafe.

I did take a couple outdoor shots along the way as well. The first, being a very good example of the color that can be pulled out of the new PX70, was someone's bright yellow front door. And then there's a set of two images taken along one of Tremont's sidewalks... a simple paper lantern and a tree wrapped in lights.

Of course I wasn't the only person walking the neighborhood and shooting Impossible's film that day... As luck would have it, I convinced my girlfriend (we'll call her Tiffany) to come along as well despite having never picked up a polaroid camera before. Aperture was nice enough to be loaning out cameras for the walk, and Tiffany got to shoot the Impossible PX70 as well using a non-folding SX70 Button. Even though I have never posted anyone else's work on my blog before, I thought these two images were a great example of the new PX70 and how wonderfully saturated the colors can be... not to mention, these photos are pretty nice for her first outing with instant film.

Photograph Info:
Location: Cleveland Ohio
Camera: Polaroid SX70 Sonar/ SX70 Button
Film: Impossible Project PX 70 Color Shade

14 July 2011

Impossible Project PX600 BlackFrame PP - Little World

This idea has been in my head for a while now. I've been contemplating exactly how I would do it, and what would look the most realistic. So, a couple weeks ago I shot a little test shot and went from there. Today I finally shot the first of what I hope to become a larger series that I'm calling "Little World." This was the second photo that I took int his setup after only one small adjustment.

As of right now, I'm not going to detail how exactly I shot this... but, I will say that it was achieved in camera with no manipulation in post. I scanned this photo direct out of camera, resized and posted. Later on down the road, I will go into a little more detail and post the process behind this and future shots.

Hope you like... and for this, I recommend a click through for a full view...

Photograph Info:
Location: Cleveland Ohio
Camera: Polaroid SX70 Sonar
Film: Impossible Project PX600 SS Black Frame PoorPod

13 July 2011

Impossible Project PX 70 Color Shade - Big Grill

As I mentioned earlier, this week is Polaroid week. In honor of the event, Aperture had a little Polaroid walk last night with about 10-15 people. We pretty much walked around town, with a few planned stops, and took some really great photos along the way. 

Almost all the film used throughout this first walk was from the Impossible Project. This triptych was made with an SX70 and the new PX 70 Color shade from Impossible. The film is definitely a nice step forward from the earlier PUSH!, with much more color, very little artifacts or spotting, and a touch less sensitivity to light. I would like to mention though, as with the PUSH! before, that this film does still seem to have a bit of a reaction to heat which can still be used to your advantage to pull extra saturation and contrast from your photos (which makes sense considering heat usually plays a roll in any chemical process)

Overall, I think this film is great. Grab a pack, turn your lighten/darken wheel all the way to darken, shade the film and enjoy the final product.

More coming soon!

Photograph Info:
Location: Cleveland Ohio
Camera: Polaroid SX70 Sonar
Film: Impossible Project PX 70 Color Shade

11 July 2011

Polaroid 100 Chocolate - Andrea - #RoidWeek

Today marks the official start of Polaroid Week 2011 - the tenth year for Polaroid week.

To start things off, I am posting two images shot on expired Polaroid Chocolate with a Polaroid Land 250. These images are of Andrea, from our shoot a few weeks ago, and were taken down in the Flats of Cleveland, Ohio.
To see more great Polaroids all week long be sure to check out the official Polaroid Week Flickr group, the official Facebook page, or just follow the hashtag #roidweek on Twitter.

And of course, keep checking back to my page throughout the week as I continue to update with instant photos all week long... including some new, yet-to-be-taken photos from this weeks Polaroid Walk hosted by Aperture!

08 July 2011

Impossible Project PX600 BlackFrame PP - Kiwi

Kiwi is delicious, and, it photographs nicely.

Photograph Info:
Location: Cleveland Ohio
Camera: Polaroid SX70 Sonar
Film: Impossible Project PX600 SS Black Frame PoorPod

07 July 2011

Rollei Retro 400 - Yashica D - Edgewater at Night

Here are a few more images from my recent roll of Rollei Retro 400. Both of these images are from Edgewater Beach, which, I'm sure you recognize from many previous posts. The Pier, above, was taken about half an hour after sunset... It was almost entirely dark out save the lights along the Pier. This would probably be my favorite shot from this entire roll of film.
Now this Tree has obviously been on this blog before as it's one of my favorite things about Edewater beach and one of my favorite things to shoot in that area. This photo was taken just as the sun was setting off to the left of the tree there, about a two second exposure. The full view of this photo is really great, you start to notice all the little details like the two ghostly people standing just to the left of the tree...

Photograph Info:
Location: Edgewater, Cleveland OH
Camera: Yashica D
Film: Rollei Retro 400

05 July 2011

Rollei Retro 400 - Yashica D

I recently got back some medium format negatives that I had developed over at Aperture (since they now offer film processing, printing, etc.) These particular images are of an old trike that I picked up from an antique mall...which you might remember seeing from an earlier post.

Both of these were shot on a Yashica D using 120 Rollei Retro 400. This is the first roll of film that I've had processed from this camera, and, the first roll of Rollei that I've ever shot... I have to say, I absolutely love the images that I got from this film and this camera. The tonal range of the Rollei is beautiful.

Be sure to check back in the next day or so for a couple more images from this roll.

Photograph Info:
Location: Parking lot, Cleveland OH
Camera: Yashica D
Film: Rollei Retro 400