26 November 2012

Expired Polaroid Image Softone - Polaroid Spectra - Ashley

After a nice long Thanksgiving weekend I'm back with a couple images from an impromptu shoot that I ended up doing this past Friday. Ashley is a model that I have shot with many times before (you can find multiple images of her throughout this blog) and someone that I always end up getting good images with. This particular time we were focused much more on simple, natural digital images that could possibly be used on comp cards, but, I did manage to sneak in a few photos using this expired Polaroid Image film.

All shot (obviously) with a Polaroid Spectra, these images were taken with available light, a reflector and no flash. I've had this film sitting around for a while now in my fridge (it was purchased from the Impossible Project's website some time ago) and finally decided that I may as well pull it out and try to put it to good use. I didn't end up shooting a whole pack, but, the ones I did shoot I think came out pretty well. Also, If you are interested in this film and have a spectra I do believe there is still some stock available through the Impossible Project for the time being. I highly recommend it if you've never shot with it before. 

19 November 2012

Ilford 100 Delta Pro 120 - Yashica D - Eagle Clothing Brooklyn

A week or so ago I posted some images from the DUMBO area of Brooklyn that I shot with my Yashica D and some Ilford 100 Delta Pro 120 film. Today I have one more image from that same roll of film that is from a slightly different area of Brooklyn known as Park Slope. After a short subway ride back from Brooklyn Bridge Park we stopped to shoot a few frames of this Eagle Clothing Co. sign that we had seen looming over the area on our many subway trips in and out of the city. From what I've read this sign is something of an Iconic landmark to the area for a previously well known clothing manufacturer that has since gone by the wayside. Though the building is now a giant U-Haul facility the sign remains. As a fan of old signage and american, I, for one, am happy that some people still appreciate and leave these monolithic remnants of another time standing.

15 November 2012

Rollei Retro 100 - Mamiya 645 - Hillary

I'm aware that I haven't been posting much recently. With the weather changing and the number of project's I've been pulled into at work my time for shooting has become a little more limited. I did, however, want to jump on here quickly to post a few photos in a small attempt to keep up with this little photo blog. Hopefully as winter continues I'll be booking a few more studio shoots (similar to what you will see here today) and that will afford me not only a chance to shoot some more film, but, also some new images to post here on a more regular basis. 

Today's images were shot with a camera that I love to work with but have actually used very rarely since I've gotten it - the Mamiya 645 fitted with a Sekor 80mm f/2.8 lens. The camera (also fitted with an auto winder) is a real beast to lug around but has a really great feel in your hands. The film for this shoot was a roll of one of favorite medium format films, Rollei Retro 100, which I had developed over at Aperture here in Cleveland. And then of course the model (who may look familiar from a few earlier posts using different instant film types) is Hillary from Taxi Mgmt. Both images were shot using available window light and a single reflector.

More images coming soon. Enjoy.

08 November 2012

Ilford 100 Delta Pro 120 - Yashica D - DUMBO

Some time ago (around June) I spent a couple of days in the NYC and Brooklyn area. I've posted some photos from that trip before, but, just recently got back my final roll of film from being developed after hanging onto it for way too long. These particular photos were shot with one of my favorite MF cameras, the Yashica D, on some Ilford 100 Delta Pro 120 film. 

After a long day of rain in the city we decided to jump off the subway on our way back to our hotel in Brooklyn and check out Brooklyn Bridge Park and the DUMBO area. Luckily, it stopped raining just about the time we arrived which (finally) gave us a chance to wander about and take a few photos. I shot almost an entire roll right there in the park, but, these are three of my favorites. Enjoy.