30 November 2011

Impossible Project PX100 Orange Flash - At Dredgers Union

At work we are producing a little video piece for a local retail store called Dredgers Union. Dredgers considers themselves a "lifestyle store," that has men and women's apparel, home goods, kids and just about everything else in between. It's a great store located right in the hustle and bustle of the E. 4th Street neighborhood. Co-owners Danielle and Sean have done a great job in bringing a little retail back to the city and have done so in a way that feels like a big, national chain... and I don't doubt that someday it will be. If you happen to find yourself in the area, I definitely recommend checking out their beautiful store.

Now, these photos probably aren't what you'd expect from what I just described, and rightfully so. Being that we are producing a longer format piece with them I was fortunate enough to get to check out their offices/design space. Dredgers is highly focused on "Domestically Produced Values," and in that vein they have a domestically produced private label of apparel and home goods. The photos in this post were taken in that design space and focus on a few of the dress forms that were sitting out. Both were shot on a Polaroid SX-70 using Impossible Project's PX 100 Orange Flash... a film that I've given up trying to predict, but enjoy either way.

If you'd like a little more insight into Dredgers Union stay tuned to their website and blog over the coming weeks and you should find the final video piece we've put together for them.

22 November 2011

Impossible Project PX 600 Black Frame PP - Wrigleyville

I think these are the last of my photos from Chicago. At least, the last of my photos that are on instant/integral film. There are a few more floating about on 35mm Ektachrome slides, and, some yet to be developed ones on 35mm Rollei ATP that I'm pretty excited to see.

These photos were taken the last day of our trip to Chicago. We were actually entirely packed up, large coffee's in-hand, getting ready to hit the highway. There was one last thing I wanted to see though, if only for the sake of seeing it, and that was Wrigley Field.

What you see at top is (obviously) not Wrigley Field, but an eatery within walking distance in Wrigleyville. I ended up liking this photo better than the one I took of the actual stadium - though that photo is great for what the subject matter is, I personally find it very uninteresting. The photo of the 'EAT' sign down the road though... I rather liked.

However, for the sake of posting it, here is that shot of Wrigley as well.

Both shots were captured on an SX 70 Sonar with Impossible Project's PX 600 Black Frame "Poor Pod."

18 November 2011

Kodak Professional Porta 160NC / Yashica D TLR / - Covington Bridge

Yesterday I mentioned that I had gotten two rolls of film developed and posted a few of the scans of my 35mm slides. The other roll was a Kodak Porta 160NC 120, and above is a scan of one of the photos that was on that roll (run through a Yashica D TLR). This bridge, which you might remember from an earlier post, is a suspension bridge that spans from a little neighborhood called Covington, in Kentucky, over to Cincinnati, Ohio. I really like all of the images of this bridge that I ended up with.

17 November 2011

Kodak Ektachrome Elite 200 Slide Film - Chicago Architecture

I just recently got back a couple different rolls of film - one 35mm and one 120. I generally don't shoot entire rolls at once, so there really is a variety of things on each of them. I usually don't send things out to be developed very often either, so the things on each roll are from really can date back quite a ways.

These images are some from my Chicago trip back in early October. This is all very city oriented, much of it in fact coming from the architectural boat tour that we took the last day in the city.

These are, as you can probably tell, from the roll of 35mm that I was talking about - some Kodak Ektachrome Elite 200 iso slide film. I ran this roll through one of my favorite cameras that I rarely end up using. It's an early Canon FTb with a 55mm f/1.2 lens. Both the camera body and the lens were my Dads before he handed them down to me, and, if I remember correctly he bought this outfit when he was in the navy. It's what he used to shoot film on when he was out on the aircraft carrier, and luckily, it made its way back in extremely good condition. 

10 November 2011

Fuji FP-3000B Negative - Ashley K

Since my post the other day on finding a misplaced, forgotten photo I've been wondering what other things might be laying around that I've forgotten about, never scanned, misplaced or otherwise. So, I decided to go through some things to see what I might find. The first thing I grabbed was a box of older Fuji FP-3000b negatives, many of which I have already scanned or posted along the way, and that is where I found these two images of Ashley that I had yet to scan.

If I remember correctly, these were taken sometime right in the beginning of spring when it was still quite chilly outside. We had picked a bunch of wardrobe for the day, but because we were planning to shoot outside and it was still pretty early in the morning (AKA to cold for me) we decided to do a couple photos in the studio with available light. Fuji's 3000 iso film is pretty good for this kind of thing. It lets me shoot on the fly, with minimal light, and still get some decent results. These are simple, almost the type of polaroid you'd submit to an agency, but I kind of like the way they turned out. Just another example of why you should go through your old work every now and then to see what you might of missed.

09 November 2011

Impossible Project PX100 Orange Flash - Chagrin Beverages

Another quick update today between the many jobs I'm engrossed in. Today's photo was taken in the Chagrin Falls area about two weeks ago while out meandering through one of the last nice weekends. Chagrins a fun little town with a lot of old charm like this, and, this just happens to be a great store to pick up any number of wines or beers that you can't find a lot of other places.

Taken with an SX70 sonar and Impossible's PX 100 Orange Flash. The temps were still a little cooler than normal, so there is a hint of the black and white tones, and where I warmed the photo a lot more of the oranges and browns. I still have a few packs of this film left... it might be great for cold weather shooting.

08 November 2011

Lost Impossible Project PX 600 Black Frame PP - Erie's State News & Variety Store

I came across this photo yesterday sitting on a shelf in my office. Someone had pulled it out of the bottom of a camera bag while packing up for a shoot and left it sit. I completely forgot that I had taken this. It must have been overlooked in the bottom of the bag when I got back to Cleveland, and there it sat unscanned until today. It appears to have been battered and bruised a bit along the way, but I just consider that a little extra character.

The shot itself is of a State News & Variety Store in the older parts of downtown Erie, PA. I believe this was taken in early September, probably during the Labor Day weekend. There was a big car show stretched across the downtown area of Erie that we were attending and along the way I took this photo. Shot on an SX 70 Sonar with Impossible's PX 600 Black Frame "Poor Pod."

It's kind of a nice surprise to come across a photo you've forgotten about... I guess it's just another thing to love about instant films tangible nature...

07 November 2011

Polaroid Type 100 Sepia - Natali

Things have been kind of busy as of late, so I've not really gotten much time to post new photos here (or take new photos for that matter.) So, I will quickly throw this photo up from a couple weekends ago when I headed down near the Columbus, Ohio area to work with a model there named Natali. This was the first location that we shot at, somewhere behind an old factory building that may or may not still be used today. I shot mostly digital that day (and some 35mm yet to be developed), but this is one of the few instant shots that I did end up taking. Shot on a Polaroid 250 with expired Polaroid Sepia.

I hope to get some more things scanned soon, so, hopefully new updates will be a bit more frequent in the days to come...