23 April 2009

Toy Cameras

This is from the first roll of film out of my Holga. Actually, it's from the only roll of film I've ever gotten developed out of my Holga. For those of you who don't know, a Holga is a small plastic camera with a plastic lens that shoots medium format film. It's most often referred to as a "Toy Camera," for it's simplicity, but it does have a certain cult-like following for the quality of images that it produces. (Questionable, unpredictable focus, vignetting, color shifts, light leakages, etc)

Personally, I really like the kind of images it's capable of shooting. This photo here is from the Strongsville summer fair in '08. Shot on a tripod with a long exposure while the ferris wheel was sitting still. I really should get out and use this camera more to see what happens... particularly some portraits on black and white film...

Photograph Info:
Location: Town Square, Strongsville Ohio
Camera: Holga 120
Lens: Plastic (@ Long Distance Focal Setting/Bulb exposure setting/Guessed extended exposure)
PostProcess: Contrast adjustment/curves adjustment/saturation adjustment

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