05 May 2009


One good thing about starting this blog is that I tend to carry a camera a lot more and really look for things to shoot where I normally wouldn't... despite the fact that probably only three or so people actually look at the photos posted here.

For this, I had about two hours of wait time before boarding my flight back to Ohio, and while people watching in the airport is quite entertaining, I saw this scene out the window and really wanted to shoot it. I wasn't really sure what the regulations were on shooting in the airport so I ended up debating for quite a while whether or not to get out my camera. Eventually I just asked one of the police officers standing around if it was alright.

I ended taking this series of photos about two minutes before boarding, when the ground crew had finally cleared out of view. This is once again a panoramic, made from five total images. The full resolution file is actually 10,000 pixels wide, and as a side note, my computer really doesn't like working on a file that large.

Because of the dimensions and the details in burning and dodging, the final image took about 3.5 hours to edit. Maybe one day I'll get it printed large enough to take up an entire wall.

Photograph Info:
Location: PBI Airport, Florida
Camera: Canon Rebel XTI
Lens: 18-55mm
PostProcess: Curves adjustment/burn and dodge/Sharpen/Color Correction/Cloud Composite

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