10 April 2010


We just got back earlier this week from our trip to Virginia. We headed down for the Easter holiday to visit Sarah's home town and spend the holiday with her family and friends. All in all, it was pretty successful... we drove 1,400 miles in six days, visited a ton of different places and got to hit quite a few antique malls and shops along the road.

This is the first real view of the mountains we had when we got to Virginia (a panoramic stitch of 8 photos)... at least the first real view we had that wasn't from inside the car. After our planned detour off the highway through West Virginia (a photo of that to come later), we arrived in Callaway Va., part of the scenic (read: middle of no where) Franklin County. This is just down the road from where we stayed the first two nights of our trip. Not a bad place to get away from it all... and not a bad place to catch a sunset the first night of your vacation either.

Photograph Info:
Location: Franklin Co, Virginia
Camera: Canon 5DMII
Lens: 24-70 mm

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