31 July 2013

Forgotten Impossible Project PX600 Color Protection - Paint

Impossible Project PX680 Color Protection in an SX70 Sonar

It's been a while, but I used to post my lost and forgotten photo's all the time. This particular image is one that's been sitting on my table at home since the beginning of the year. While shooting with an artist and illustrator for my Roll-A-Week project I snapped a couple quick instant photos as well. I distinctly remember not liking this image, that it was washed out and just overall bland. Now, probably some six months later, it's a pretty nice image. Some people might complain about the constantly changing effects and appearances that some of Impossible Projects films have, but, in cases like this you end up really appreciating it. The film wasn't bad, and neither was the photo, it just needed a little time...

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