25 September 2013

Expired Polaroid Type 100 Chocolate - Jay Elle

This past Saturday I woke up early and drove into a rainy downtown to shoot with this model, Jay Elle, who was making her way through the area during her current travels. It's a rarity, but every once in a while one of these full time traveling models makes there way through my area and I'm luck enough to be able  to work out a shoot with them.  

While I did end up shooting a bunch of digital and a roll of 35mm for my year of film, part of my arrangement with Jay Elle was that I would pull out some of my remaining Polaroid Chocolate stock that I've been hanging onto and that after I scanned them I would sign a couple for her to take with her. Since most of my Polaroids just make their way onto a shelf or into a box after I scan them I was more than happy to make that arrangement. 

These three photos are just a few highlights from the pack of film that I shot with a Polaroid 250. Over the next few days I may post a couple more that I've got as well. Stay tuned, and enjoy. 


  1. How is the chocolate film holding up? I have a few stockpiled in my fridge but I'm realizing that we're nearing the end of 2013 and with those expired in 2009...I think it's time I drag them out. The last time I shot some was early this March and it was too cool outside and many of the images came out too light and underdeveloped... These you shot look good but I'm wondering how they are treating you overall?

    1. Like you, I have a few packs stockpiled in my film fridge that I haven't touched in a good long time. I've been thinking the same thing recently about how it's probably time to start shooting it, but it's so difficult to let it go.

      To answer your question... I shot this entire pack on Saturday and was very happy with all of my exposures. Everything came out, no real issues. If anything, I think I had better results from this pack than the last time I shot it.

      I know there are a lot of factors in play when it comes to shooting this film, but so far it doesn't seem to have lost much from age. These were obviously all taken indoors under controlled temps. I didn't really time these either... just shot, set it aside to snap a few digital frames and came back when i felt the time was right. Very little variation from one to the next in terms of differences in timed development.