27 February 2014

Impossible Color Film For SX70 - Hillary

For the first time in a long while, I finally got to shoot some film from Impossible. Now that my year long, roll a week project has come to a close, I've been hoping to get back to shooting a little more instant film. This past weekend, during a shoot with Hillary, I pulled out a new pack of Impossible's Color Film for SX-70. This is definitely my first time shooting with the newest formula, and while I didn't get an over abundance of color from the film, I did get very nice exposures. It's nice that this film has come such a long way and I no longer have to worry about shielding images out of camera, keeping them within a very small temperature rage, etc.

The final image of this set, at the bottom of the page, was also shot with the Mint Lens Set (found here)  - using the close up attachment. Mint was kind enough to send me a sample set months ago, and amidst my other project I never really got the chance to test it much. I look forward to working with these lenses more soon, and possibly providing some small review about them. For now, enjoy. 

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