26 April 2011

Impossible Project PX70 PUSH & PX600 - Travels

I have a tendency to always want to get off the highway and take photos of the things I see. For one reason or another, it's never really seems to be an option. Every now and again, though, while you are driving by yourself you can manage to lose a little time and take a photo or two along the way. Here is one of those rare opportunities. 
This old school motel is one I found just off the exit in North Kingsville, Ohio on my way east. I was technically supposed to be stopping for gas, but I really couldn't pass up the motel without stopping. Unfortunately, just as I pulled in it started to rain, and the wind began to kick up. I only had one shot of the Impossible PUSH in my SX70 at the time, so I ended up shooting this through the windshield of my truck as the rain started coming down. In the end, it worked out alright considering it was still a bit chilly... I just threw the photo on top of the defrost vents, turned the heat up, and jumped back on the highway.
This second photo isn't right off the highway, but still one that I took along my way a week prior. It was actually on the way home from Niagara Falls NY (which I will post photos of later), and it was one of those rare Sunday afternoons in April that we actually had nice weather. Not wanting to completely waste the sun on driving, we stopped in Erie and ended up along the bay front for the afternoon. I'm not even sure what this building is, but I liked the look of it and ended up with this photo... one of my favorites from the bay front.

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