30 April 2011

Polaroid 100 Chocolate - Ashley

I bought a couple packs of Polaroid 100 Chocolate from the Impossible Project a few months ago.This is another of the peel-a-part films, but it was actually produced by Polaroid before they stopped making instant films. This is left over stock, so it's been expired since April of 2009.

As you can see, the film still holds up thanks to proper storage over the years. I've been holding on to this film since I got it, waiting for the weather to warm up a bit before I took it out. Peel-a-part films development time before peeling is dependent on the ambient temperature, and considering this isn't being made anymore I wanted to be sure it wasn't wasted.

So, we finally got a bit of decent weather, and I set up a shoot last minute with Ashely, whom I've shot with before. These were all taken in morning light, about 8:30-9:30. There's a bit of an issue with the contrast, but overall for my first time shooting the Chocolate I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I still have two packs left, and I think I will definitely be getting a couple more before they're sold out entirely.

Photograph Info:
Location: Edgewater Beach & The Flats, Cleveland OH
Camera: Polaroid Land 250
Film: Polaroid Type 100 Chocolate/Exp 2009

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