14 October 2011

Impossible Project PX 600 Black Frame PP - Congress Hotel

For some reason, this is one of my favorite buildings that I saw in Chicago. It's not one of the big sky scrapers, just one of the older buildings along the oldest part of Michigan Avenue. Maybe it's because it is not only a great looking building, but also appeases my affinity for signs. Either way, here is the Congress Hotel - Shot on an SX 70 Sonar with Impossible PX 600 Black Frame Poor Pod... my favorite Impossible film.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Timothy, thanks for sharing your photos taken using SX70 and Impossible Project's films. I just bought a refurbished SX70 LAND and PX70 and PX600 films from them recently. Have not had good success with the results though. I wonder if you have to always use flash with PX70 film? I have shot indoor in my house but no image came out. But today, I tried to shoot under bright lighting in the living room and the image came out even though not so nice.
    With PX600, do you always use the ND filter with SX70?
    Thanks much for reading.