07 October 2011

Impossible Project PX100 Orange Flash - More of Chicago

Here are a few more of the Impossible PX 100 Orange Flash images that I took while in Chicago. You'll notice quite a bit of difference in some of the images in respect to how much of the orange is coming through.

These two top images were taken the last day downtown, which happened to be one of the nicer days. It was a little warmer out than the previous couple days, and that brought up a little more of the orange color in the photos. Below,  are two of the images I took on the first day in Chicago... which happened to be pretty cold and slightly rainy at points. You can see the orange is less, and, I noticed with these that for quite a while they took on a strange look right out of camera. They looked like solarized images, all of the darks were bright blue as if they were not developing. What I thought was a waste of a frame, though, ended up continuing to develop over time and came out closer to a black and white image.

And finally, just to wrap up with the Orange flash images from this trip, here are two more  from the architectural boat tour... including the Willis Tower, which, some of you might still refer to as the Sears Tower.

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