21 December 2011

Fuji FP-3000B Negatives - Editorial with Ashley

Monday night I got the chance to get back in the studio and shoot a couple different set-ups with Ashley. She's someone I've worked with quite a few times before and if you browse back through my archives you can probably find a few photos from those shoots as well. 

It's been a while since I've done a shoot with anyone. Looking back through my posts here, it appears that my last was probably around mid to end of October. It's been even longer since I've been in the studio. Whenever nicer weather rolls around I'm so tired of being in the studio that I go almost exclusively to shooting on location. Of course, by the time the weather turns again I miss being in the studio... having lights and control. 

These images were taken with a Polaroid 250 and Fuji's FP-3000B film pack. I've always enjoyed shooting this film, but I think these might be some of my favorite images to come from the 3000. Where a lot of people think the high ISO of the film gives them the ability to go out and shoot a lot of low light photos (which I've done from time to time) I still like to bring it into the studio when I get the chance. With a lot of light the dynamic range and sharpness of this film is really spectacular. While these negative scans are pretty accurate, they still don't really hold a candle to what the tones look like when you are holding the final exposure in your hand.

Also, to reference something I've talked about before on here in regards to light-leaks with this camera and with pack film in general - I think I have solved that problem with my Polaroid 250. I believe what I thought to be light leaks before, is actually just an uneven development caused by inconsistent pressure when the film is being drawn through the rollers. Recently I've been mindful to squeeze my camera's body and apply extra pressure in the area of the rollers when I am pulling these pack films through. So far, I've noticed far fewer (if any) wasted shots that used to plague me with pack films and specifically with the Fuji films. 

There will probably be a few more posts from this shoot in the upcoming days. Besides Fuji pack film, I shot a couple images with the new Impossible PX 100, some great digital stuff, and played around with an Instax for the first time. All of that and some thoughts regarding shoot locations throughout the winter months should be coming your way relatively soon.

Until then, Happy Holidays to everyone.

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