05 January 2012

Impossible Project PX100 Test Film & An Upcoming Workshop

As I mentioned before my lengthy winter break, my last shoot with Ashley resulted in the use of multiple different instant films. I only ended up taking two shots with my SX70 and the Impossible Projects PX100 Test film I had loaded in it, but I just so happen to like both of them.

Now onto a completely unrelated topic - For anyone who reads this blog, is interested in learning more about shooting with Impossible Project's films, and is semi-local to the Cleveland, Ohio area... I have good news. Aperture Photography & Variety, one of the few Impossible Project partner stores in the US, will be hosting their first Impossible Project workshop on Saturday, February 4th from 1pm - 3:30 pm.

The workshop, run by Aperture owner and photographer Scott Meivogel and myself, will focus on working with Impossible film and vintage Polaroid cameras. We will discuss everything from the basics up through our own personal tips and tricks, and, the final part of the workshop will be spent photographing two live models which almost guarantees you will walk away with a few great photos.

Registration is $39.99 and includes a pack of Impossible film. If you need a loaner camera, we'll hook you up with that as well but please try to let us know in advance. Registration can be completed by calling 216.574.8977, or by purchasing on Aperture's website.

This event will be a great time, and, if you've been considering taking up instant photography with the new Impossible films then this is your opportunity. Hope to see you there!

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