19 December 2012

Impossible Project PX100 - Cancun Mexico

When I arrived in Mexico a little over a week ago I still had some of The Impossible Project's PX100 film in my SX70 sonar. This film has always been one of my favorite Impossible films, but, I knew it wasn't the right film type for shooting the bright, colorful landscape around the area we were staying. It was, however, very good for documenting the Resort that we were staying at.

The Iberostar Cancun, which used to be a Hilton until about a year ago, is a huge hotel and conference center with some really beautiful architectural elements to it. Shaped almost like a pyramid, the building is designed with guest rooms only one side of the building, making every room an ocean view room. The eleven floors of the space are cut directly up the center providing a really nice atrium with (i'm sure it's no surprise) a really nice, large bar. The other thing it provides, though, is some really nice lines to the building.

Again, without getting into too much detail about my trip, I will say that this was a really great resort to stay at. I don't have a lot of experience in these things to reference that statement against, but, I will say if you are ever looking into a trip to the Cancun area (or many other places for that matter) you should definitely look into the Iberostar's that are available. I can't say enough about the space, the staff, the food and everything we were provided throughout our stay.

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