17 December 2012

Impossible Project PX680 Test Film V4C - Cancun Mexico

I just got back from a seven day trip to Cancun Mexico. I'm not going to bore you with details of my vacation, but, I will say that if you've never been down that way or been to an all inclusive resort, both should be on your bucket list. 

Surprisingly, I only took three cameras with me on this trip - my SX70 Sonar, my Canon Canonet GIII, and, my Mamiya 645. The majority of the film that I shot throughout was 35mm with my Canon (mostly due to how compact and portable it is) but I did get in a roll of slide film with the Mamiya and some instant photos with the Impossible Project's film and the SX70 as well. 

Today I am posting a few of the instant photos that I took with my SX70 Sonar and Impossible Project's PX680 Color Protection film. All of these shots were taken unshielded and left to develop in the shade, a pocket, or some other location with indirect sunlight. As a whole, I'd say this film really held up pretty well in the sunny conditions as well as the heat. With temps around the 80's most days this film did have a tendency to start quickly shifting to warmer tones, but, overall the colors remained pretty true throughout. I made it a point to move the photos back into an air conditioned room as soon as possible after shooting though, so I can't really say how warm these colors would have shifted over a longer period of time.

I'm sure I'll be sharing more instant photos from this trip soon, and, once I get the remainder my film developed I'll start posting a few of those as well. Stay tuned and enjoy.

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