11 February 2013

Fuji FP-3000B45 - Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5 - Tiffany

This past weekend was filled with photography and film. Saturday I shot with a new model in the studio and wrapped up my roll of film for Week 6 of the Coalesce 52 project. Then, Sunday afternoon, I shot two rolls of film with artist/illustrator Branden Vondrak in his home studio (which just so happened to wrap up my Week 7 for the Roll-A-Week project). And finally, in between those shoots, I took these photos with my lovely girlfriend at home. I'll be sharing all kind of images from those other shoots as well, but, seeing as how this is the first times Tiffany has ever let me sit her down and take a formal photo of her I thought I'd post these first.

Both of these images are from one of my final four remaining packs of the large format instant film Fuji produced - Fuji FP3000B45 - and both were taken with my Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5 press camera. I recently decided that instead of clutching on to this film and holding on to it forever that I should get it out of the fridge and put it to good use while it's still in it's prime. When I end up with photo's like this it makes me think that I made a pretty good decision. 


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