25 February 2013

Expired Polaroid ID Ultraviolet Film - Polaroid Land 250 - Hillary

I realize that recently I haven't been posting a lot of instant photos - something that I used to do pretty regularly. One of the big reasons behind that is simply that I've haven't been shooting as much instant film recently as I've been so focused on shooting my film for my Roll-A-Week project. I know that in order to get through my roll each week I must dedicate a good deal of my shooting to using the roll of film for that week, otherwise, I will get distracted, start shooting with 4 different cameras, 6 different films and my phone. To that end, I've really limited the number of cameras and film types that I've been carrying with me when I go out to shoot.

Shooting instant film though, is one of my favorite photographic formats and something that I don't plant to stop doing anytime soon. While I may not be shooting quite as much of it this year, I will definitely be making a conscious effort to continue to use it regularly enough that I have a few extra photos to share here on the the blog. 

Today's photo is from a shoot I did this past weekend with Hillary, a model from Cleveland's Taxi MGMT. This is actually the only instant photo that I took through the entire session, but, I think it came out pretty well. The film is expired Polaroid ID UV and it was shot using a Polaroid Land 250. More images from this set, shot on 35mm Ilford 3200, will be coming soon over on the Coalesce52 Blog as part of my Week 9 post.


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