19 March 2013

Expired Polaroid ID Ultraviolet Film - Impossible Project PX680 American Woods - Toronto's CN Tower

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday in Toronto, Ontario. Looking for a mini road trip/escape from the mayhem that is St. Patricks Day in Cleveland, we made the five hour trek up north for three nights to eat, drink and shoot some film. While the weather didn't quite cooperate in the way we hoped, we were able to cover a good deal of the city on foot. The film I shot was mostly 35 mm (because the cameras were compact and easy to carry around) but I did shoot a few instant photos along the way as well. 

At top is the CN Tower shot with a Polaroid 250 and some expired Polaroid ID UV Film. I actually took this photo from inside the loft we stayed at where the temperature was more conducive to shooting instant film. Below are two photos from the top of the CN Tower shot with a Polaroid SX70 and some of Impossible Projects PX 680 American Woods film. I've been wanting this film since it came out as a special edition border and was lucky enough to get the three pack for my birthday from my lovely girlfriend. These photos were again taken from an indoor location (the few outdoor photos I attempted with this film made it apparent that it was in fact too cold for good instant photos) but I think they came out pretty well.

More photos from this trip coming to this blog and the Coalesce52 blog soon, so, be sure to check back. Enjoy.

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