15 May 2013

Expired Polaroid ID Ultraviolet Film - Photo Walk Portraits

Monday evening after work I joined some folks over in Tremont to do a quick instant photo walk put together by Aperture Photography & Variety. The walk was a put together a little last minute, but, we were lucky enough to be joined by Washington Post and freelance wonder writer Melanie D.G. Kaplan. Melanie was in town working on a story about Ohio's one and only National Park and decided to also do a little story about our area's growth in what she referred to as "the slow photo movement" - a phrase I may just have to steal for my own future use. 

Aside from all that jazz, the walk was fun if not a little less than ideal in terms of weather (I'm now suffering the effects of a wicked cold that can only be the fault of this little walk). As for my photos, I decided to switch it up a little bit after having taken so many photos in the Tremont area over the years and instead focused on shooting some portraits with some of the other members of the photo walk. 

Each of these were taken with a Polaroid Land 250 using some of my expired Polaroid ID Ultraviolet film. As you can see, four straight shots out of this pack of film gave me pretty close to four different results. I imagine the changing temperatures, the different lighting situations and the fact that I never time my developments of this film all contributed to that though. There is one more photo from this set of portraits (a shot I took of Melanie) but in a rare and uncharacteristic move I let her keep the photo before I had a chance to bring it in and scan it. If I'm lucky though... maybe I'll get to see that photo along side her article.

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