28 May 2013

Expired Polaroid ID Ultraviolet Film - Simple Fashion & Emily Wallace

This past Friday, going into the long holiday weekend, we were lucky enough to get out of work a little early, which, allowed for me to plan a quick afternoon/evening shoot. This particular shoot was with a wonderful model named Emily that I've not had the chance to work with before. Originally, we planned to shoot a couple of looks outdoors, but, Cleveland weather being Cleveland weather forced us to start in the studio where we took these images. Later in the day we did end up shooting some very quick sets outside (including a roll of Ektar 100) which you'll be able to see in the future over on the Coalesce52 blog. Until then though, I hope you enjoy these studio shots taken with a Polaroid 250 and some expired Polaroid ID UV film (perhaps some of the best images I've gotten from this film to date).

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