06 May 2013

Impossible Project PX680 American Woods - Elizabeth and Natasha

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting with two models and a very talented makeup artist/stylist. The models, Elizabeth and Natasha, were both a pleasure to work with and really did a fantastic job on camera. The 70's vibe of the shoot was put together by makeup artist and stylist Shayna Wilson. Shayna was also a joy to work with and is incredibly talented at what she does. 

The goal of the shoot was to put together a cohesive editorial spread, which I shot mainly with digital, but of course I also had along a few other cameras as well. I ran through two rolls of medium format film along the way, which is yet to be developed, and then shot these four images using my SX-70 Sonar and some of the Impossible Project PX680 American Woods edition film. I think the setting of these images works perfectly with the American Woods film border and seeing the instant film has me really excited to see what kind of results I'll get out of my medium format. Enjoy.

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  1. Hi,

    I have a question about your processing of these photos. Did you keep these in your pocket? In your bag? I ask because every single shot I've taken with the American Woods film has come out red. Very very red. Like I shot through a red filter. To the point now where even though I have 2 more 3 packs left, I am afraid to shoot them... I've tried everything from keeping them cool to pocket...I've shot it in the winter and at the Indian's Opening Day and all are just too red...but yet I see samples like yours here which looks great. Trying to figure out if it's just my particular batch or not...