18 March 2014

Impossible Color Film For SX70 - Still Life

A couple weeks back, I shared a photo that I shot with a model using Impossible's new Color Film for SX70 (seen here) - And today, I thought I'd share some still life set ups from the remainder of that pack of film that I took this weekend. With these photos, I really wanted to see what kind of color I could eek out of this newest formula since I haven't shot with it much. I was really pleased with some of the results that I got. 

I should also point out that all of these images were shot using the new Mint Lens Set for SX70 - a neat little attachment that allows you to use different lenses/filters on your SX70. The full set consists of the lens holder, the Full-Frame Fisheye lens, Yellow Filter K2, Blue Filter 80B, a Neutral Density filter and the Close-Up Lens. While I haven't played with all of the different filters yet, I am very much enjoying the Close-up Lens (which is what I used on all three of these images). It's really opened up a new world of possibilities by allowing me to fill the frame in situations that I never would have been able to before (unless of course I purchased the old, harder to find, more expensive SX70 accessory kit and close up lens attachment). Over my next few packs of film, I hope to get the chance to work with a few of the other filters as well and post a little more about the Mint Lens Set and some of the things that I like and don't like about it. Stay tuned. 

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