11 May 2011

Impossible Project PX680 Beta & Fuji 3000b Negative - The Viv

Above is one of the first PX680 shots from the beta film that I got to come out the way I wanted. It was taken with a Polaroid One Step and available light.

Below, is a shot from the same day using the Fuji FP-3000b peel-a-part film in a Polaroid 250. I scanned the negative for this photo, inverted, and did a little contrast adjustment. I like the negatives, there's a bit more information in the shadow detail. You need to tweak, but you definitely get a good photo in the end.
The subject for both of these great photos, is the one and only Vivian. Viv is Tiffany's niece/Goddaughter. She's almost one, and she makes taking photos look easy.

Photograph Info:
Location: Waterford, PA
Camera: Polaroid OneStep & Polaroid Land 250
Film: Impossible PX680 Beta & Fuji FP-3000b Neg


  1. Did you get the First Flush version of the PX680? I'm curious what you think about the mosaic (or mottling or snakeskin or whatever they are calling it). In well exposed bright locations it's not bad but in darker shots like the one you took with the Beta film, I think it will really come out strong.

  2. I haven't gotten any packs of the FF yet. I just finished out my two beta packs recently and haven't picked up anything new yet.

    I did see your post on the Aperture group on flickr though. I'm not sure if everyone is having a problem with it or if maybe it's an early fluke or what. I definitely didn't have that much of a problem with the beta.

    Hopefully, it all gets sorted out. If it's a FF edition problem, I hope an updated version isn't far behind.

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