08 August 2011

Cleveland Magazine & Some other Housekeeping

I am very proud (and flattered) to say that I have a little article about me in this months issue of Cleveland Magazine regarding my addiction to instant and analog photography. The article appears in the Lake Effect section, which according to Cleveland Magazine is "the forecast on the people, places and things we love." I've been rather fortunate this year with how much attention my hobby has gotten me, and I'd like to thank Cleveland Magazine for deciding to do this little write-up about me. I'd also like to thank Kristen Hampshire who is the very talented freelance writer that interviewed me and put this article together... I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. If you aren't a subscriber and you'd like to check it out  you can find a copy of this months issue in most Cleveland stores, or, read the article online.

Moving along... point number two of this post is to remind everyone that this Friday will be my first solo show over at Aperture in Cleveland Ohio. The show will feature mostly work from the past year and all of the work will be either instant or medium format photography. For those interested, there will also be a few beers to go around as well as a possible "punch," and some delicious finger foods... all of these things made possible only because of all the wonderful people I know. Here once again is the poster for the show:

Thirdly, I would like to once again throw out there that you still have time to enter my little drawing for a free print. The details for how to enter are at the linked post, and, you still have until midday Wednesday to enter. I know, because of my site metrics mostly, that there are many of you out there that read this blog regularly that have yet to enter this giveaway. Let me say this... even if you don't want it, I would appreciate you pretending you did and entering anyways :) 


Finally, last but not least, I wanted to make you all aware that if you miss me at my show this Friday (or you just love me so much you want to see me again) I will have a few photos at a wonderful little event "Art in the Petit Parc," at Chartreuse on Madison Ave. in Lakewood the evening of the 19th. The lovely ladies of Chartreuse have been kind enough to invite me and my work to take part in a lovely patio party and art sale. So, even if you are sick of my work, you should come out anyways and support all of the other talented artists that will have work on display, and, enjoy one of the cutest little patios in all of Cleveland!


  1. Thanks for the kind plug Mr. Tim Logan. We are excited to have you! See you next week!

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