22 August 2011

Fuji FP-3000B - Another weekend away

I haven't posted any new photos in a while. The recent gallery show over at Aperture took up a lot of my time as I rushed to get everything ready. Following that I had the art sale to get ready for. Then I realized I hadn't even taken any photos in two or three weeks, which is a quite a while for me since I started shooting film. So, even though I was away this weekend, I managed to sneak in a few photos.

We left late Friday night after a successful art sale and headed up to Erie again for the weekend. Water slides, cookouts, babies, the usual great stuff an Erie weekend consists of. Finally, Sunday morning we landed in "Midtown," Erie to browse a local junk shop because I can never have enough junk. And that's where all of these photos took place.

Midtown is a prime example of what I love about small towns. There is always an area that never seems to change. It almost hangs on too long. Buildings are fading and repurposed. Billboards advertise products you can no longer buy. Spray paint is the decoration of choice. But still, you can see the charm of the place. For what it is and what it used to be. Midtown isn't necessarily all of these things, it was actually quite active for a Sunday morning, but the images it created definitely portrayed that feeling to me.

As for the junk shop... It served me well. I arrived back in Cleveland with 10 new cameras. Mostly polaroid.

Photograph Info:
Location: Erie PA
Camera: Polaroid Land 250
Film: Fuji FP-3000b

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  1. I still need to go see your work at Aperture. Is it still up? As for the junk shop...that's a hell of a find. ...hmmm...I both want to find this place to feed the addiction and avoid this place due to feeding the addiction. Nice shots too. Being from a small town of East Aurora outside of Buffalo, I know what you mean about these small little towns.

    Oh. And I have a quick question. I was on vacation in Arizona this past weekend and I shot some Chocolate and Sepia film with my Land Camera for the first time. I loved the colors but I ran into an odd issue. This doesn't happen with any Fujifilm packs but with the Polaroid packs, a few shots (about 4 or so) will come out completely blank. For example if I shoot Chocolate, some will come out just a deep deep brown. Like the shutter didn't fire. But when I open the back and test it multiple times in a row, I see the shutter firing without any issues. I know you shoot these film packs a lot...have you seen anything like this?