26 August 2011

Polaroid Softtone Type 1200 - An Affinity for Signs

This past Tuesday Aperture had their second polaroid walk. We traveled the Ohio City area as a group, shooting all kinds of instant photos along the way. I had a bit of trouble this time around finding things that inspired me to shoot. In fact I often find it difficult these days to shoot an entire pack of film at once... partially because I'm picky, partially because of cost.

Anyways. I did get these couple photos that I liked, and, both happen to be of signs. No surprise to me really, as I often find signs to be interesting and have taken photos of many signs over the past couple years. I love that they are often all that remains of original buildings, businesses, etc. There's just some kind of an affinity I have for signs I guess.

On another note, you'll probably notice that these photos are a little different for me for another reason. This is some 2009 expired Polaroid Softtone Type 1200 film. I shot it using a Polaroid Spectra QPS, which is one of the new cameras that I picked up from the supposed "junk," shop in Erie this past weekend. The Softtone is a great film, but almost too accurate for me. It's sad to see these types of films dying out, but I'm glad that I've gotten the chance to shoot so many of them before they are gone completely. I'm excited to shoot Impossible's new PZ 680 to see what else I can get out of this camera...

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