27 September 2011

Impossible Project PX100 Orange Flash - U.S. 26

Just a few orange flash shots from this past weekend. I didn't get a ton of shooting in, but I got a few decent shots. These three were all taken with an SX70 Sonar and Impossible's PX100 Orange flash along U.S. Route 26 in Fairview, PA., just outside of Erie.

The top two are what looked to have been an old school house at some point, but oddly enough he awning actually say's something about it being a floral shop. The one below is from one of the many, many fascinating motels that surround Erie.

More updates coming soon. I'll be off to Chicago this weekend for the first time to attend a wedding. Considering I've never been there I'll be taking quite a few cameras and look forward to updating upon my return.

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