16 September 2011

Impossible Project PZ680 & Expired Polaroid Sepia - Kinzua Dam

While in Pennsylvania for Labor Day weekend we made our way up to Warren, PA., and the Kinzua Dam for a few hours. I had been to the Kinzua before, but from a different access point. Kinzua damn was completed in 1968 and is one of the largest dams in the US east of the Mississippi River. It provides flood control, power generation and creates the largest lake in Pennsylvania - the Allegheny Reservoir or Kinzua Lake. 

The photo at top was shot on a Polaroid Spectra with Impossible Project PZ 680. I love this film, this camera and how great the colors are coming along... The bottom two photos were taken with a Polaroid 250 using some of the expired Polaroid Type 100 Sepia that I picked up from one of Impossible's big film sales. The film originally expired is '09, and, so far I am getting many different results from just one pack. These specifically are very warm/sepia toned while others have been much closer to a black and white.


  1. Are those light leaks from the 250? I would sometimes get similar effects on mine as well but it was never consistent from pack to pack. I even got some effects like that on Fuji's FP-3000B though. Wondering if you know.

    My issues with the 250 is still unclear from before but while in Japan I managed to find a used 185 Land Camera that came out in 2000 only in Japan. Nice camera. And now I have full control over aperture and shutter speed :) Alas, now that I got this, I went to look to see if I can get more chocolate film but Impossible is out :( I haven't checked Aperture yet but...where do you get your film? Or do you just have a stockpile? Should have bought more during that big Impossible sale...

  2. I think it is light leaks, but I'm not entirely sure. I get it with the FP 3000b as well. Also very inconsistent on when it occurs and when it doesn't.

    I'm a little jealous about the 185! I've looked at those and the 190, 195's on Ebay quite a few times. Pretty pricey on there.

    Most of my film came from Impossible, but, I do know that Scott still has some Chocolate and Blue over at Aperture.

  3. Hmmm...looks like I need to make a trip out to Aperture before others buy it up! I'm still on the fence with the Blue film. I've shot it and it's...different. I think it's definitely a love/hate thing with that particular film. I've had friends look at it and go "huh...blue huh?" :) As for the light leaks...yeah. It does give it a nice touch but it can be pretty frustrating too. Oh well. I guess that's what you get for using such an old camera.

    I got a great deal on the 185. I was in Japan so that helped of course. But it also had a few scratches which made it undesirable to collectors. They are obsessive over there. There are collectors in Japan with just thousands of cameras in mint condition that will never ever have film wound through it and it sits behind a glass case... I feel bad for the cameras :) But with this, now that it's scratched, I don't feel bad taking it with me everywhere and using it. It's a sweet little camera!