10 January 2012

Lost Fuji FP-100B - Niagara

I really should start a recurring feature on this blog that is dedicated to the lost and forgotten images I have floating around my hard drive. I don't know if it's that I go back and look at images after a time and decide that I like them more, or, if I just sometimes have little else to update with. Either way, it's becoming kind of common for me to sift through my photos and find something that I like but haven't posted.

Above is one that I liked from the moment I peeled the back off it. But, as is likely to happen from time to time, it got lost in the shuffle of uploading and updating with other photos. This is from an April 2011 trip to Niagara Falls, NY. The day we planned to head to one of the observation area's over the falls, the weather was pretty cold and wet. However, it had it's moments when the rain stopped and left a beautiful cover of foggy clouds, which is what you see here. This shot is from the NY side of the falls, looking at the Canadian side where the boardwalk and attractions would be... but with the clouds all you can make out is the Ferris Wheel rising up out of the fog.

Love finding things like this.

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