20 January 2012

Fuji Instax - w/Ashley K

As I mentioned a few posts ago, my last shoot with Ashley was the first time that I got to mess around with a Fuji Instax (since she was kind enough to bring hers). Personally, I was a bit skeptical. I don't know if it was the fact that this is supposedly the current instant technology, or if it's because the camera looks like a giant toy, or even just the fact that I'm a huge fan of vintage Polaroid cameras and the Impossible Project's films, but I was skeptical none the less. After a little tinkering though, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of some of the images.

The colors are pretty true and using the camera is about as easy as it gets. There are a few different controls that give you a little bit of control over different aspects of the shot (lighten, darken, flash on or off, etc). I was surprised to find that I actually preferred the flash on with this camera. Shooting mainly Polaroid cameras with Impossible film I almost exclusively shoot without flash. I've always found that it washes out the image or gives terrible flat light. The flash on the Instax, however, really did add some punch to the photos. Used in combination with the "lighten" setting I was able to get a very Terry Richardson type of look - something like the two images below.

Overall, I kinda like the camera. It's fun to use and I got some cool shots from it. I don't know that I'll be getting one for myself anytime soon, but given the chance I would definitely shoot with one again.

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