24 February 2012

Impossible Project New PX70 Beta Test Film - Pack Two

While on the road shooting a commercial last week I got the chance to take a few photos with my second test pack of Impossible's latest PX70 formula. My results... not really the best I'd say. All of these shots were taken outside, and while it hasn't been the usual Ohio winter temps, it's still been pretty cold. I'm sure that has played a major roll in how most of these have been turning out - it's been difficult finding the right balance between keeping the photos warm and not over heating them.

For the most part, everything out of this second pack has been a bit dark and muddy. I know that most people have been shooting this batch with the lighten/darken wheel slightly towards dark, but, these latest results make me wonder if that's always necessary. To be fair, I'm still getting a good amount of color and it's still a noticeable difference from the last formula... I think I just need to get back into a controlled light and temperature situation until the weather warms up in order to see what I can really pull from this film. I've seen fantastic results from a lot of other people, so I know what's possible. Just a matter of time...

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