06 February 2012

Impossible Project New PX70 Beta Test Film - Aperture's Impossible Workshop

This past weekend over at Aperture we held the first Cleveland based Impossible Project workshop with great success. We had a great turn out of, I believe, almost thirty people from all around the area with a range of different experience levels in using the Impossible films. There was a classroom-like session where Aperture's owner Scott Meivogel and myself went over all of the different camera types and the variety of Impossible films that are available for each. We did a little live shooting with our very helpful models for the day, covered shooting basics, tips, tricks, and possible problems and fixes. It was an overall crash course to get everyone up and running with a bit of knowledge most beginners don't have access to without a lot of individual research.

Of course, everyone had a chance at the end of the class to roam about the space and shoot their own images either with their own camera or one that we loaned them. We had a couple models hanging around to shoot with, and a few different still life set ups pre-lit for them to take advantage of as well. It probably comes as no surprise that I found a little time to pry myself away from answering questions to fire off a few shots of my own. The two images you see above are from Impossible's new PX70 test film that I got in the mail recently. Both are under artificial lighting conditions with an SX70 Sonar. For now, I'll just say that I am very impressed with this film so far and look forward to shooting my second pack very soon. I won't get into all the details in this post, but I'll have a few more images and a full review of the film posted later this week.

With all that said, I'll finish up by sharing a few frame grabs from some video that was taken during the workshop. Hope you enjoy... I definitely did, and I'm looking forward to doing it again soon.

Myself (left) and Scott (right) going over some test images before people arrive

Impossible Film - What's not to love?

We probably talked too much...

Scott looking over some images with our lovely models Anthony and Ashley

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