10 September 2012

Impossible Project PX680 Test Film V4C - Lakewood Barber Shop and Happy Mistakes

This weekend I finally got around to taking a couple of shots on the new Impossible Project PX680 V4C test film. In essence, this film is the same as the V4B that I reviewed not to long ago, but, is now optimized for color. And as you can see above, that's absolutely true.

One of the things that people are always saying they love about shooting instant film, and especially Impossible's instant film, is the fact that there is an unpredictability to it. Even with an SX70, your amount of control over exposure is limited and results can often vary quite a bit from what you are expecting. It's these "Happy Mistakes" that so many love and that makes me love this shot in particular. What I thought would be a photo of just the neon sign surrounded by darkness developed into so much more. Unbeknownst to me, my camera metered for and exposed not only the sign but the bright reflection of the window. It almost looks like a double exposure, but, in the end, it's just another of those happy mistakes that can make shooting instant film so much fun.

For those interested, this was shot with an SX70 using an ND pack filter. Lighten darken wheel was set halfway to dark and the film was unshielded out of camera but left to develop away from direct light. Development time still high, 30-40 mins with color shifts over the next hour or so. 

Overall, another fantastic film. I can't wait until these opacification films have their public release. There's going to be a flood of amazing instant images out there.

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