19 September 2012

Impossible Project PX70 Test Film V4B - Now available to everyone!

Yesterday marked the official release of the new Impossible Project PX 680 and PX 70 films with new color protection formula. What's that mean? It means a brilliant new opacification layer that lets you shoot 8 beautiful photos without the worry of shielding the images out of camera like the Impossible films of the past. I've been posting images from the test batches of this film for a  couple of weeks now and must say that these new batches of film have made me fall in love with the Impossible project all over again. Not only does the film produce high quality images like we've come to expect from Impossible, but, now it's easier than ever to shoot. If you've not yet shot Impossible's film and you've been thinking about doing so... Now is the time.

These images were both shot while walking around town one day using an SX70 sonar and the new Impossible PX 70 color shade film. Lighten darken wheel was set about half way to darken and the images were left unshielded out of camera. After being ejected the images were left for full development in my pocket over about 30-40 mins. Feel free to go back through my last couple posts to see a few more (if not better) examples of the new Impossible films that have just been released.

If you're already sold and interested in buying some film for yourself jump directly on over to their store HERE.

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