02 October 2012

Impossible Project PX680 and PX70 Test Film - Fall Images and 8 Exposures

This past weekend was wrapped up in the changing of the seasons. We drove down to my parents for a visit and then enjoyed the lovely fall weather with a trip to the apple orchard for some apples, pumpkins, gourds and all things fall. I took along my SX 70 and SX 70 sonar loaded with the Impossible Projects PX 680 V4C and PX 70 V4B respectively to snap a couple fall themed images. These are just a few of my favorites from the selection.

At top and above, some images shot on the SX70 with PX 680 V4C - lighten/darken set halfway to darken, unshielded out of camera and developed in my jacket pocket. Below, an image from my SX 70 Sonar using the Impossible Project PX 70 V4B - lighten/darken again halfway to darken, unshielded out of camera and left to develop in my jacket pocket.

And finally, to wrap up this quick post, I'm very excited to be featured on the Impossible Project's blog. Every so often they feature different photographers with their "8 Exposures" question and answer series and just yesterday my responses and 8 photos were published. There's a little preview image of their homepage and blog post below, but, if you'd like to read the entire post and look through the photos featured (including an instant portrait of yours truly) you can jump over to their page with this link.

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