19 November 2012

Ilford 100 Delta Pro 120 - Yashica D - Eagle Clothing Brooklyn

A week or so ago I posted some images from the DUMBO area of Brooklyn that I shot with my Yashica D and some Ilford 100 Delta Pro 120 film. Today I have one more image from that same roll of film that is from a slightly different area of Brooklyn known as Park Slope. After a short subway ride back from Brooklyn Bridge Park we stopped to shoot a few frames of this Eagle Clothing Co. sign that we had seen looming over the area on our many subway trips in and out of the city. From what I've read this sign is something of an Iconic landmark to the area for a previously well known clothing manufacturer that has since gone by the wayside. Though the building is now a giant U-Haul facility the sign remains. As a fan of old signage and american, I, for one, am happy that some people still appreciate and leave these monolithic remnants of another time standing.

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