15 November 2012

Rollei Retro 100 - Mamiya 645 - Hillary

I'm aware that I haven't been posting much recently. With the weather changing and the number of project's I've been pulled into at work my time for shooting has become a little more limited. I did, however, want to jump on here quickly to post a few photos in a small attempt to keep up with this little photo blog. Hopefully as winter continues I'll be booking a few more studio shoots (similar to what you will see here today) and that will afford me not only a chance to shoot some more film, but, also some new images to post here on a more regular basis. 

Today's images were shot with a camera that I love to work with but have actually used very rarely since I've gotten it - the Mamiya 645 fitted with a Sekor 80mm f/2.8 lens. The camera (also fitted with an auto winder) is a real beast to lug around but has a really great feel in your hands. The film for this shoot was a roll of one of favorite medium format films, Rollei Retro 100, which I had developed over at Aperture here in Cleveland. And then of course the model (who may look familiar from a few earlier posts using different instant film types) is Hillary from Taxi Mgmt. Both images were shot using available window light and a single reflector.

More images coming soon. Enjoy.

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