26 November 2012

Expired Polaroid Image Softone - Polaroid Spectra - Ashley

After a nice long Thanksgiving weekend I'm back with a couple images from an impromptu shoot that I ended up doing this past Friday. Ashley is a model that I have shot with many times before (you can find multiple images of her throughout this blog) and someone that I always end up getting good images with. This particular time we were focused much more on simple, natural digital images that could possibly be used on comp cards, but, I did manage to sneak in a few photos using this expired Polaroid Image film.

All shot (obviously) with a Polaroid Spectra, these images were taken with available light, a reflector and no flash. I've had this film sitting around for a while now in my fridge (it was purchased from the Impossible Project's website some time ago) and finally decided that I may as well pull it out and try to put it to good use. I didn't end up shooting a whole pack, but, the ones I did shoot I think came out pretty well. Also, If you are interested in this film and have a spectra I do believe there is still some stock available through the Impossible Project for the time being. I highly recommend it if you've never shot with it before. 

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