08 November 2012

Ilford 100 Delta Pro 120 - Yashica D - DUMBO

Some time ago (around June) I spent a couple of days in the NYC and Brooklyn area. I've posted some photos from that trip before, but, just recently got back my final roll of film from being developed after hanging onto it for way too long. These particular photos were shot with one of my favorite MF cameras, the Yashica D, on some Ilford 100 Delta Pro 120 film. 

After a long day of rain in the city we decided to jump off the subway on our way back to our hotel in Brooklyn and check out Brooklyn Bridge Park and the DUMBO area. Luckily, it stopped raining just about the time we arrived which (finally) gave us a chance to wander about and take a few photos. I shot almost an entire roll right there in the park, but, these are three of my favorites. Enjoy.

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