03 June 2013

Impossible Project PX600 BlackFrame PP - Ghostly Images with Emily Wallace

This past weekend I once again worked with the very talented Emily Wallace. You might recall from this post, that it was only a week ago that we worked together the first time. Since the weather was unseasonal and difficult that day (which I guess is actually pretty seasonally accurate for Cleveland any day) we decided to set up another shoot shortly after in order to head outside and shoot in a few different areas of downtown. Of course, while the weather wasn't quite as cold this time around, it was extremely windy and carried a forecast of possible thunderstorms at any and every moment. We lucked out though, and ended up shooting for a couple hour and getting some amazing photos.

While I shot mainly digital throughout this shoot, I did also end up shooting my weekly roll of film for the Coalesce52 project which will be posted down the road when I catch up with my developing and blog posts. This blog however, is where I tend to post most of my instant film work and that's what I have here today (obviously). These images were all shot using my SX70 Sonar and some of my last remaining stock of the Impossible Project's PX600 Blackframe Poor Pod film.  

This film has long been one of my favorite instant films from the Impossible Project despite of, and perhaps because of, it's obvious little defects. A quick browse through my archives will reveal a quite a few different photos that I've taken with this film and I'm sure that somewhere in there you will also find a lengthy explanation of what a Poor Pod is and my thoughts and reviews on this film. But, of course, in the highly likely scenario where you don't care about all that and you just like to see cool photos... well here are a few of my favorites from this film - Swings, Little World, St Theodosius, and '57 Chevy. Enjoy.

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