18 May 2011

Kodak BW400CN - Mamiya 645

In the very beginning of April I had to head out to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum to shoot some nighttime exteriors of the building for their Broll Package. I just happened to have my old Mamiya 645 manual in the back of my truck at the time, so I decided that while I was out I would take a few photos... which of course led to me staying out for about two hours shooting photos.

To start, I stayed pretty close to the Rock Hall and shot some 30 second long exposures around the lake and harbor. Unfortunately, I don't have a cable release for this camera, so these exposures have a touch of motion blur from holding the shutter open manually.

Once the wind off of the lake started to get to me, I started home through the flats, which I drive on a daily basis, and I saw the scene from the photo below. For some reason it struck me, and I had to stop and take a few frames of it as well.
Shooting long exposures with film was definitely a different experience for me, but seeing as how this was my first time (and this was the first roll of film I've gotten developed from this camera) I was pretty happy with how they turned out. I think I will definitely do some more images like this around the Cleveland area this summer.

And of course, since I had a couple frames left on this roll when I ended up in Erie a short while later, here is another (and last for a while) photo of the lighthouse on the north pier of Presque Isle.
Photograph Info:
Location: Cleveland OH, Erie PA
Camera: Mamiya 645
Lens: Sekor 80mm
Film: 120 Kodak BW400CN

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